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Housekeeping Services

As a service company, we realise it is incredibly important for your business to convey a professional appearance and to make a great first impression on your visitors and clients, not to mention providing your employees with a clean and pleasant work environment.

At Sixth Sense we offer flexible Housekeeping Services schedules that works quickly and efficiently to keep disruption in the workplace to a minimum. Our extensively trained staff is able to tackle all types of cleaning tasks, and our work is quality assured so that your premises will be left in pristine condition.

Our daily Housekeeping Services Includes following Activities:

Mechanised Housekeeping Method

Suction Cleaning/ Vacuum Cleaning

Spray Buffing

Polishing & Scrubbing

Laundering & Dry Cleaning


Manual Housekeeping Method

Sweeping & Dusting

Dust Mopping/ Dry Mopping

Wet Mopping/ Damp Mopping

Manual Scrubbing & Polishing

Spot Cleaning

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